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“Genuine functional sword. Suitable not only for kata (forms of exercise) or Iaito (drawing exercises), but also for tameshigiri (cutting tests). In order to perform cutting tests, a very high quality, sharp and edge retaining blade is needed. The Akito blade is made of clay hardened 1045 carbon steel with real hamon (temper line). The overall structure is very robust. The blade is continuous almost to the end of the handle and is secured by two mekugis. The functional sword comes with a beautifully lacquered wooden scabbard, together with traditional eyes (Kurigata and Shito-Dome).
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“Overall length: 102,0 cm
Blade length: 72,5 cm
Weight: 1.120 g
Blade thickness: 7,6 mm
Blade material: Kohlenstoffstahl”