“User Manual BAR368P.pdfDimensions 128 x 26 x 91 mmWarranty (years) 2Color BlackBacklight YesMeasures Temperature Yes – Outdoor and IndoorWeather Forecast Yes – Next 6 hoursWeather Forecast Icons Yes – Sunny, snowy, cloudy, rainyRadio Controlled YesCalendar YesProjection YesProjection Color RedAC Adapter YesBatteries 2 x UM-4 (AAA) 1.5 V (main unit), 1 x UM-3 (AA) 1.5 V (sensor)”

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“Modern Design Projection Clock with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature and Weather

A great value alarm clock with a simple yet modern design, this radio-controlled clock is both easy to read and operate. The LCD screen displays the current time, day, indoor/outdoor temperature and weather in large font making a quick glance at the time, easy.

Always Accurate Time

Never have to set the time again with this radio controlled (atomic) alarm clock. The BAR368PA receives the time and date from the atomic clock so as well as being accurate, it also automatically updates at the start and end of British Summer Time. Never have to set your clock again!

Easy To See Projection

Why fumble in the dark or have to switch the light just to see the time. An adjustable projection arm with 180 degree flip projection image means you can project the time and outdoor temperature on a wall, ceiling or any angle that suits your eye level.With a simple tap on the snooze/light button the time and outdoor temperature is projected onto your wall/ceiling.

For continuous projection simply power the clock using the included AC power adaptor.

Indoor Temperature
Hate leaving your warm bed only to discover just how cold your bedroom is? This projection clock also measures the temperate of your room.

Outdoor Temperature
Wondering if you should take an umbrella with you? The Wireless Weather Station clearly displays the weather forecast by receiving information from a wireless outside sensor (one included) to help you plan your day.

Dual Alarm

The dual alarm function allows you to set two alarm times on a single clock keeping you on time whether it’s the weekday or weekend.

Dual Alarm (Weekday/daily alarm)
Indoor/outdoor Temperature
Weather Forecast
Projection: Time & Outdoor temperature
LED Backlight
Includes AC power adapter for continuous projection”
“User Manual BAR368P.pdf
Dimensions 128 x 26 x 91 mm
Warranty (years) 2
Color Black
Backlight Yes
Measures Temperature Yes – Outdoor and Indoor
Weather Forecast Yes – Next 6 hours
Weather Forecast Icons Yes – Sunny, snowy, cloudy, rainy
Radio Controlled Yes
Calendar Yes
Projection Yes
Projection Color Red
AC Adapter Yes
Batteries 2 x UM-4 (AAA) 1.5 V (main unit), 1 x UM-3 (AA) 1.5 V (sensor)”