“Displays time, calendar and weekdayBuilt-in FM Radio with 8 preset channelsDual Radio / Buzzer alarmRadio Controlled Clock (DCF-77 for EU, MSF-60 for UK)Radio sleep timer function (15/30/60/90mins)Snooze function with backlight”

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“This Modern Radio Alarm Clock adds a colourful and modern ambiance to your room. Simple and easy to operate the large backlight LCD display offers easy viewing of time, day, date and radio channel.

The time is radio controlled which is precise to the second and adjusts automatically to and from Summer time, meaning you will never have to set the time again.

Dual alarm function allows you to set two alarms time on a single clock, one for you and one for your partner, and with a crescendo alarm with 8-minute snooze function and snooze touch technology you decide whether it’s time to get up or perhaps have a little snooze.

With a built in FM Radio with 8 preset radio channels you can also chose to wake up your favourite news or music programs perfect for those weekend lie-ins. Or you choose to fall asleep listing to the radio with a sleep timer function (15/30/60/90 mins)”
“Displays time, calendar and weekday
Built-in FM Radio with 8 preset channels
Dual Radio / Buzzer alarm
Radio Controlled Clock (DCF-77 for EU, MSF-60 for UK)
Radio sleep timer function (15/30/60/90mins)
Snooze function with backlight”