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LiteOptec will engage in providing the best possible products, service and attention to clients, suppliers and business partners at all times. The company operates with a strong emphasis on maintaining an ethical, stable and supportive retail dealer structure, loyally promoting the product lines and intellectual property of our international and local brand names. We will endeavour to embrace new challenges and develop new ideas relevant to an ever-changing market. Lite Optec will conduct all business in a manner that will warrant respect as a corporate member of South African society.


Lite Optec has a well-organised service and repairs facility of 5 people. We have optical collimation equipment for riflescopes and binoculars, and also run a full service and repair facility for Maglite flashlight repairs. We also offer multi-tool repairs, sharpening or servicing. All repairs are treated as urgent and our policy is that we will replace the item if delays are more than a few days.
As an additional service, Lite Optec offers engraving and branding on the majority of our products, we have our own in-house engraving department employing 2 full time staff members who oversee all our engraving jobs from start to finish. We are currently operating 2 C02 laser-engraving machines as well as 1 Jag laser-engraving machine. We also outsource a number of other branding options for our customer in order to provide our clients with the best possible service.